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Five Senses Swiss Experience
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Switzerland is known around the world as one of the best countries to visit for the beauty of its’ mountains and the excellence of its products.

THE VIEW Lugano is offering an exclusive “Five Senses Swiss Experience” package, a truly Swiss holiday that will satisfy all the senses, from the moment you arrive in the stunning Junior Suite with its beautiful view over the Lake of Lugano and the mountains beyond.

This package offers everything you need to satisfy your palate: a lovely lunch at a restaurant in the quaint Old Town, a break with a tasty cappuccino at the famous Cafe Bar Vanini located in the central Piazza Riforma and a delicious romantic 4 course gourmet dinner at the hotel’s restaurant.

To get a real feel for Switzerland, experience a very unique Swiss moment at a famous watch makers, where you will see how one of Switzerlands’ most impostant crafts comes together.

Enjoy an accompanied tour of the financial district of Lugano and admire some of the wonderful art and architecture and then listen to the famous Swiss Alphorns being played.

Take one of the complimentary Smart cars from the hotel and drive yourself to the well known Bally shoe factory, and then flavour an unforgettable lunch in a typical Grotto with wine from a famous Ticinese vinyard.

During your 3 night break, there will be plenty of time to rest and relax in the beautiful SPA at THE VIEW, where you can enjoy unlimited access throughout your stay. Included in the package is also a wonderful Aroma Bliss massage with a chocolate tasting.

Hurry and book the “Five senses Swiss Experience” package and satisfy all of your senses in an exclusive and unique way while exploring one of the most beautiful areas of Switzerland.

For more information and to book this exclusive package, contact us at the e-mail

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