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The Properties Himalayan Salt
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Himalayan pink salt, originating in the Himalayan Mountains, is considered rich in beneficial properties, and is used in the kitchen as well as in the SPA for beauty treatments aimed at the well being of the individual.

Himalayan salt is pure, free of toxins and pollutants, not refined, nor treated with any chemical processes, and is therefore considered a natural source of numerous beneficial properties.

It is also rich in minerals, which in traditional salt is completely absent, and is the only one that combines the sodium chloride to 84 other trace elements essential to our needs. The absorption of the properties of the Himalayan salt into the epithelial layer during treatments helps to detoxify the body in the following beneficial ways:

  • Limiting the risk of fluid retention and high blood pressure by controlling the level of water in the body
  • Improving the PH balance at cellular level, helping to reduce common signs of aging.
  • Increasing the capacity to absorb the nutrients in food and promoting the detoxification of the kidneys and intestines
  • Assisting respiration and circulation
  • Reducing cramps and muscle aches, and increasing bone strength
  • Improving and regulating sleep
  • At THE VIEW Lugano, Himalayan salt is used in many ways:

– The Salt room: the salt room located in the hotel SPA has many beneficial properties. 20 minutes of relaxation in the salt room is as beneficial as three days at the seaside.

– Treatments with Himalayan salt: from massages with hot salt stones, to wraps and other dedicated treatments, enjoy the beneficial properties of Himalayan salt combined with the latest technology and equipment.

– Herbal teas and infusions

THE VIEW Lugano, in collaboration with THE VIEW Spa, has created the ”The Himalayan Salt Experience” for those wishing to experience the beneficial properties of Himalayan Salt in a concentrated manner. Enjoy a minimum stay of two nights for two people, dedicated to wellness through a range of treatments using Himalayan salt, right on the hills of Lugano Paradiso in the heart of Ticino.

Discover the ”The Himalayan Salt Experience”

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