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Reflection On The Lake
From 22/09/2018
To 30/11/2018

On the occasion of the third edition of the WOPART Art on Paper Exhibition, of which THE VIEW Lugano is an official sponsor, the hotel presents “Reflections on the lake”, an exhibition by Omar Galliani.

From September 22nd to November 30th 2018 the exhibition will be set up in the hotel spaces and the route will guide the spectator through a series of unpublished works, that through the artist’s sensitivity, technique and suggestive images, describe the relationship with the lake and the poetry of water. The narcissistic relationship with the waters of the Lake of Lugano indicates the will of the author to find something in common between the reflection meant as a physical reflection of the face and a deeper psychological meaning, with all the consequences that this intends; from aesthetic beauty, to doubt in one’s identity.

The Eastern influence is evident in all the works exhibited. The use of gold leaf and ultramarine blue in some works amplifies the aesthetic and conceptual result. Berenice is the name given to some of the large pencil drawings in which the stars and planets merge around the ecstatic gaze of a “she” whose face remains hidden from the observer. The mystery of the drawing merges into the complexity of the subject. An ideal short circuit between the use of an exemplary technique and the search for new content found in the past, present and future of design.

The exhibition is free of charge and open throughout this period from 08.00 to 21.00.

Please inform the hotel of your intended visit at: Guided tours are also available with a cocktail.

From September 22nd to November 30th 2018

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