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Jaquet Droz Hand-Painting Atelier

The watch masters in the Jaquet Droz family were pioneers in the art of luxury decoration, generating work for an entire generation of craftsmen.

THE VIEW Lugano and Tourbillon Boutique are offering you the opportunity to experience life as a master watchmaker, allowing you to customize your own Jaquet Droz watch face.

Special guests: Jaquet Droz, Brand Manager Raphael Santacroce and the Artist Thanh Ngoc Le.

The Mountain and the Sky by Alessandro Busci exhibiting at THE VIEW Lugano

After the success of “Reflections on the Lake” by artist Omar Galliani, THE VIEW Lugano begins the summer season with a new exhibition by Alessandro Busci, a well known contemporary artist, painter and architect, who lives and works in Milan. The exhibition is the result of a collaboration with Imago Gallery, an important gallery in Lugano, located in the famous Via Nassa.

“Alessandro Busci’s works are pure illuminations, states of mind impressed on steel corten, generated by the substance that is thought, set in motion by the availability of these architectures to become a lay temple. Even the images of the airplanes, a highly polished combination of technique and design, solidified in the moment, a pause between earth and sky, night and day, express the amazement of man transcending himself, a microscopic and ephemeral act of faith (and pride) towards the eternal universe above. ”

The artist investigates the potential of the exchange between Western and Eastern iconographic traditions and his work is distinguished by the strength of the pictorial and calligraphic elements produced on unconventional supports such as steel, copper and aluminum, worked with acids and enamels or on more traditional paper.

The exhibition extends throughout all the areas, becoming a real show in the different context of the hotel. His works are present in the lounge, the restaurant, the reception, the spa and in the 2 exclusive suites. It is possible to book a guided tour by contacting:

David Paquette

On Thursday the 4th of July, the internationally renowned Jazz pianist David Paquette will be playing during a Gourmet Cocktail at THE VIEW Lugano. Don’t miss this wonderful event.  

David Paquette, born on March 25th 1950 in the USA, is a well-known American jazz pianist who has recorded more than 45 records. Some highlights of his career include the European Jazz Circuit Tour, the creation and direction of a twenty-year annual jazz festival on Waiheke Island in New Zealand, and his musical direction at the Four Seasons Hotel in Sydney, Australia. David Paquette is also one of the founding pillars of the Ascona Jazz Festival, where he presides and directs all the editions.

Paquette’s first steps as a professional musician saw him performing in the most exclusive clubs of Chicago, New York, Bevery Hills and Aspen, Colorado. During his travels he got to know the most illustrious jazz music personalities and embraced the frenetic night life typical of the world of blues.

In 1984, Paquette became the musical director for Spike Milligan throughout Australia. Captured by the beauty of Waiheke Island, Paquette returned to New Zealand to settle.

Today he dedicates much of his time to his Charitable Trust, the “Paquette Jazz Foundation” which supports both emerging and existing talents through a scholarship, a mentoring program and a musical retreat on Waiheke Island.

Reflection On The Lake

On the occasion of the third edition of the WOPART Art on Paper Exhibition, of which THE VIEW Lugano is an official sponsor, the hotel presents “Reflections on the lake”, an exhibition by Omar Galliani.

From September 22nd to November 30th 2018 the exhibition will be set up in the hotel spaces and the route will guide the spectator through a series of unpublished works, that through the artist’s sensitivity, technique and suggestive images, describe the relationship with the lake and the poetry of water. The narcissistic relationship with the waters of the Lake of Lugano indicates the will of the author to find something in common between the reflection meant as a physical reflection of the face and a deeper psychological meaning, with all the consequences that this intends; from aesthetic beauty, to doubt in one’s identity.