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Month of wellness in March

THE VIEW Lugano is situated in an ideal position on the hills of Paradiso with the most breathtaking views. The Spa with its indoor pool, Vitality pool, 6 treatment cabins and Himalayan Salt Room, offers a range of “back in shape” services throughout the year.

THE VIEW Lugano is launching an “OPEN DOORS TO THE VIEW SPA” program throughout the month of March, which is a great opportunity to discover the many services offered by the Spa and what’s new.

Take advantage of a different activity of your choice every day, and then use the gym, relax in the pools, spend a little time in the salt room, and rejuvenate with a delicious fruit and vegetable smoothie. We are also offering a wide range of facial and body treatments at competitive prices, so that one can try out the Valmont and Cholley anti-aging products.

Put your body and soul in the skilled hands of our wellness experts.

The recent introduction of the anti-aging facial treatment “only for men”, using totally organic products, makes THE VIEW Spa even more unique and exclusive.

Yoga, Pilates and Water Pilates classes enrich our range of proposals.

Do not miss the Yoga seminar on “The 7 Tibetans Rites “ with Silvia Salvarani, which will be held on Saturday, March 25 from 10.00 to 16.30.

In order to enable access to the events proposed to as many people as possible, we kindly ask that you confirm your participation by email at spa@theviewlugano.ch.


We hope to see you in the magical atmosphere of THE VIEW Lugano.

World Luxury SPA & Restaurant Awards 2017

THE VIEW Lugano is excited to announce that it has won the award for Western Europe’s Best Luxury Boutique Spa, presented at the ceremony of the World Luxury Spa Awards 2017 in Hanoi, Vietnam.

The World Luxury SPA awards are seen as the symbol of success of a Luxury Spa that has distinguished itself in its category, thanks to the excellent services offered to its guests.

It is the guests of the Spa themselves who vote, and the benchmark is set based on quality, innovation and service.

Yoga Beyond the Mat November 18-19 2017

An amazing weekend of inner growth and connection hosted at one of the most beautiful spots in Lugano – THE VIEW Lugano.
Explore how our Yoga practice can become a powerful tool to help us recognize and begin to polish some of our inner gems. In these specially created sessions, we will be reminded and inspired to access our inner qualities, bringing awareness of this work into the outer physical work we are doing, as well as into the rest of our lives.

The full weekend Yoga program includes:

  • 4 sessions – morning and afternoon Yoga sessions both Saturday and Sunday (Program sessions will include: Yoga, meditation, pranayama, reflection and discussion)
  • 2 healthy lunches
  • Use of hotel spa facilities between sessions


Aromatherapy at The View Spa

“Add life to your years, not years to your life” – Harmony of the soul with dōTERRA Essential Oils

This is topic that will be treated during event dedicated todōTERRA on 24 NOVEMBER 2017 with free entrance from 5.30 pm to 8.30 pm and presentation at 7.00 pm.

dōTERRA takes its name from latin meaning “Gift of the Earth” and it was developed as a new and powerful alternative to well being based on the traditional uses of essential oils. Combined with a broad philosophy of nutrition, exercise, rest, stress management and detoxification, dōTERRA essential Oils promote well being.

The New Pink Detox Method

Himalayan salt is the purest of salts, having been kept in pristine condition under ice and lava deep within the Himalayan Mountains. Free of toxins and pollutants, it is not refined or treated with any chemical process and even today is hand mined. As a result, it is rich in minerals absent in refined salt, and combines sodium chloride with many other trace minerals, all essential to our well-being.

THE Spa at THE VIEW Lugano is constantly researching and updating its treatment techniques and its methods and has developed a new detox program that takes advantage of all the benefits of this precious element to achieve overall detoxification. The absorption of the properties of pink salt into the skin and connective tissues during the treatments, contributes to the detoxification of the organism, controlling the water levels present in the body, limiting the risk of water retention and hypertension, improving the pH balance at cellular level and reducing common signs of aging.

Furthermore, used as a central element in food preparation, Himalayan salt increases the ability to absorb nutrients in food, promotes detoxification of the kidneys and intestines, facilitates breathing and blood circulation, reduces cramps and muscle aches and helps to balance cells and reduce cellular aging.

The Pink Detox Method offered at THE VIEW Spa, is a holistic approach to detoxification where Himalayan salt is the central element used in the treatments, which combined with heat and water, Halo therapy and nutrition has beneficial properties.

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